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Admission for the Academic Year 2014 -15: General Information :-
1. About the School

One of the new initiatives of the Thakur Education Group is the Thakur International School (TIS) opened in June 2008 that proposes to offer the ICSE syllabus. This initiative is in addition to the quality education that is currently being offered through 14 institutes to over 28,000 students.

TIS has set new trends in delivering international schooling programmes in Maharashtra and catering to the needs of parents who dream to offer the best schooling experience to their children. It is located ideally close to the junction of M.G. Road with Link Road, Kandivali (West).

TIS is serving a large population in the western suburbs from Andheri to Dahisar. TIS is designed to fulfill long standing demand of a world class campus with state-of- the-art infrastructure, most modern facilities and experienced teachers selected from all over India.

TIS has fulfilled its promises to give an inspiring ambience to motivate the young minds to bloom into individuals who are ready to take on the world in the right perspective.

2. Admissions are available for:

        • Play Group (Integrated curriculum)
        • ICSE : Nursery to Std. IX

3. Admission Process

The admission process comprises of the following stages:

• Obtaining the Brochure and application form for Admission, from School office.
• Submitting the duly completed application form and supporting documents to TIS Admin, office    and paying the Registration fee within the specified period.
• Communication of the admission decision to parents.
• Acceptance of the admission by the parents and payment of applicable fees / charges /    expenses.
• Confirmation of admission by Thakur International School.

4. Age Criteria

For admission to Thakur International School, we normally expect the child to have been born in the year shown against the respective classes, as the following table.

  Nursery 2011
  Junior KG 2010
  Senior KG 2009
  Class I 2008

5. Application for Admission

The brochure, application form for admission and relevant documents can be obtained from the School Office.

The application form duly filled along with a recent passport size photograph affixed must be submitted to the School Office on or before the last stipulated date, along with the following documents:

a) One certified true copy of School Reports of the last three years (Wherever applicable).

b) One certified true copy of the child's Birth Certificate, on which the name of the child is mentioned. Birth Certificate must be in English. If it is in Hindi or a regional language, an English translation of the same on Rs. 100/- stamp paper, duly notarized must be submitted. Original Birth Certificate must be produced for verification.

c) Non refundable Registration fee in cash or demand draft drawn in favour of "Thakur International School" or "Zagdu Singh Charitable Trust", (as applicable) payable at Mumbai.

d) Transfer Certificate from the last school attended. If the child is coming from outside Mumbai, the Transfer Certificate should be duly countersigned by the Education Officer of the area.

e) For children (Indian nationality) coming from abroad the Transfer Certificate must be duly attested by the Indian Embassy / High Commission. The date of birth of the child should be clearly mentioned in the Transfer Certificate.

f) Two stamp sized photographs of (i) child (ii) both the parents to be submitted along with other documents.

g) Two stamp size photographs of the child in school uniform against red background to be submitted once school uniform is received.

h) Medical Certificate.

Kindly ensure that the application form is complete in all respects, so as to facilitate the admission process.

6. Acceptance of Admission:

Admission will be confirmed on receipt of the following, within the specified time.
A) Applicable fees / Charges / Expenses
B) Security Deposit (Interest free and refundable)
C) Transfer Certificate from the last school attended.
D) Admission Acceptance form

If for any reason, the Transfer Certificate & final exam report card of the last school attended cannot be produced at the time of admission, it must be produced on or before the re-opening date of the school. The admission Acceptance Form, to be signed by parents, seeks to confirm among other things, their financial responsibilities to the school, an agreement that they and the child will conform to the regulations of the school in force from time to time. And that the school will not be liable for any damages or charges on account of injuries sustained by the child during his / her stay at the school.

New academic session of Thakur International School begins in the month of April to conclude on March. At Thakur Internationl School, the school days will be from Monday to Friday (Five days a week) with the following timings.



  Batch-1 Batch-2
Play Group No Bus facility 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.
  Batch - 1 (For students using bus facility) * Batch - 2 (For students coming on their own)
Nursery, Jr. Kg. & Sr. Kg. 9.45 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. 12.45 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.
STD. I to X 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The academic calendar and various dates mentioned above are indicative of plans and are subject to change. Students shall be expected to stay back for longer hours on certain days and attend school on some Saturdays.

* Bus facility for the afternoon batch shall be provided (subject to general demand) for Mahavir Nagar, Charkop, M.G. Road & Shankar Gali areas only, on first come first serve basis.

Students coming on their own will be accommodated in the afternoon batch only.

8. School Transportation (Optional Facility)

Thakur International School has a fleet of buses to pickup and drop children. Bus charges will have to be paid for the whole year in advance.

9. School Uniform

Thakur International School prescribes uniform for all its students. Students are expected to take pride in their personal appearance and to conform to all rules governing the school uniform. The wearing of uniform creates a sense of belonging to the school. The details of the uniform will be provided upon admission to school.

Fees : Payable quarterly : To be paid by way of Cash or Demand Draft drawn in favour of "Thakur International School" or "Zagdu Singh Charitable Trust" (as applicable) payable at Mumbai.

• Details of fee structure can be obtained from the school office.

• The fees should be paid in four equal installments. The first installment is to be paid at the time of admission and subsequently, on or before 15th March, 15th July, 15th Oct. and 15th Jan.

• The fee schedule given is subject to change from time to time, at the discretion of Thakur     International School management. The School will communicate to parents any revision in the fee     structure.

• Surcharge per month is charged if the fees / charges are paid later than the specified period.

• The Security Deposit is collected against damage to, or loss of, library books, laboratory     equipment, computer facilities, and other equipment or assets of the School. It will be refunded     without interest, after adjustment of dues, if any, on completion of the child's studies at /     withdrawal from Thakur International School.

• Fees once paid will not be refunded.

Thakur International School has put in place policies and regulations necessary for the effective functioning of the school. It reserves the right to amend its policies and regulations wherever and whenever considered necessary and appropriate. The information contained in this publication, the current "Application for Admission" form and accompanying documents is an indication of Thakur International School's plans as on the date of publication of this document. Neither this publication and the descriptions contained herein, nor the current "Application for Admission" form must be construed to bind the School to any specific polices or regulations. The submission of completed "Application for Admission" form does not guarantee admission. Although all possible care has been taken in the preparation of this publication, Thakur International School gives no warranty and accepts no responsibility, for any errors or omissions, however caused. It is advised to check for confirmation of information contained herein with the authorized representatives of the school.

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