General Instructions

We have invested heavily in technology and spacious classroom design. Major subject areas have their own learning centers where student work can be displayed and enjoyed .

    • Any enquiry regarding academic achievement or behaviour of the child may be made with the class teacher or the subject teacher concerned only on the day of the PTM. In an emergency, special permission from the Principal should be sought for.
    • All correspondence, applications, letters etc. should be made through the school office and not through the teachers. When writing to the school regarding the child, parents should mention the name, standard and the division in which the child is studying. Applications written on shabby and torn papers shall not be accepted under any circumstances. Neat foolscap papers should be used for any written communication.
    • The parents signature in the diary would mean that the rules and remarks entered by the school authorities have been read.
    • Parents are requested to inform the school in case of any change in their address, telephone number or email address.
    • Distribution of sweets and gifts to children and members of the staff on any occasion is not permitted. No child is allowed to wear coloured clothes on birthdays.
    • Parents and guardians are requested to encourage regularity and discipline. They must be polite when communicating with teachers/staff. While picking or dropping students or coming to school on any business, parents must be properly dressed and should have the escort card with them.
    • Parents are required to inform the Principal before engaging any teacher from the school as a private tutor.
    • No leave of absence will be granted during the term except under very special circumstances.
    • No student will be given a report card unless all dues have been cleared.
    • It is mandatory for every students to be a part of all the major events of the school.
    • Signature of both parents are required in all the forms and communication to be submitted to the school. However in case of non availability of either parents signature due to any reason, the school will, in the interest of the child accept all forms / correspondence with signature of single parent for the purpose, upon receiving an indemnity bond from the concerned person.
    • Application Form for admission are issued in September, every year. New admissions will be made subject to availability of seats. No correspondence will be entertained regarding admission.
    • School Leaving Certificate will be issued on the basis of the prescribed form available in the school almanac. A notice of one full calendar month is to be given before the withdrawal of the pupil, otherwise fees will be charged for the notice period.
    • No claim for a remission or refund will be entertained, except for the security charges.
    • A student who fails in IX class twice may not be permitted to continue his/her studies in the school.
    • Application for Cancellation should be submitted personally in Administrative department only.
    • In each Academic year there are two terms. So term fees are charged twice a year which is further divided into four equal quarters.
    • In case of Cancellation an advance notice of one full month will be required before cancellation failing which one month tuition fees and other fees of that quarter and the term fee for that particular term will have to be paid for clearing all the dues.
    • The following documents will be needed at the time of cancellation:
      1) Leaving Certificate Application available in Student's Almanac.
      2) Original Security Deposit Receipt.
      3) Copy of last Quarterly Fees paid.
      4) Student ID Card and Parents Escort Card.
    • Security Deposit will be refunded a month later after deducting the remaining dues, if any.
    • Incomplete cancellation application shall not be accepted. All the formalities are to be completed on the date of cancellation.
    • Signature of both parents are required in all the forms and communication to be submitted to the school. However in case of non availability of either parents signature due to any reason, the school will, in the interest of the child accept all forms / correspondence with signature of single parent for the purpose, upon receiving an indemnity bond from the concerned person.
    • Payable quarterly: To be paid by way of Cash / Cheque (Subject to realization) / Demand Draft drawn in favour of 'Thakur International School' or 'Pearly Shells Pre- School'- (as applicable) payable at Mumbai.
    • The School fees should be paid in four equal installments. The first installment is to be paid at the time of admission (from next academic year to be paid by on or before 15th May) and subsequently on or before 15th September, 15th December and 15th March.
    • The fees schedule given is subject to change from time to time in accordance with the rules and regulation duly notified by the authority.
    • Late Charges will be applicable for delay in payment of fees. (For details please refer the fee book).
    • The Security Deposit is collected against damage to, or loss of, library books, laboratory equipment, computer facilities, and other equipment or assets of the School. It will be refunded without interest, after adjustment of dues, if any, on completion of the child's education at / withdrawal from Thakur International School.

    • Fees will not be accepted without fee book. On loss of fee book a duplicate one will be issued against an application and applicable charges.
    • The ID card is not transferable.
    • It must be returned to the school admin office upon cancellation of admission. Loss, theft or damage to the ID card must be reported immediately in writing to the school administrative office.
    • Duplicate card will be issued against an application received from a parent along with applicable charges.
    • Each Child should be neatly dressed in complete school uniform with ID card.
    • It is mandatory for all the students to wear ID card in school premises.
    • No jewellery or fancy wrist watches are permitted.
    • Prescribed school uniform sweater only should be worn by the students.
    • The students should be dressed in complete school uniform whenever they come to school unless informed otherwise.
    • No student shall be permitted to attend school once the school gate is closed at 8.00 a.m.
    • Each pupil is responsible for his/her own belongings.
    • Silence must be observed in the whole school during class hours.
    • Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the school. No mobile phone, gadget or CDs should be carried by students, Any material unrelated to studies in the school will be confiscated. If a child is caught bringing /using a mobile phone in school, the mobile phone will be confiscated. It will be handed over to the parents only with a monetary fine and an undertaking by the parents
    • No collection of money should be made without the sanction of the Principal.
    • Minimum 75% of attendance is essential for promotion.
    • Students travelling by the school bus are expected to be polite and courteous in the bus. Anyone found misbehaving will be debarred from using the bus facility.
    • The Principal reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any pupil if his/her behaviour is unsatisfactory.
    • Students are expected to keep THE SCHOOL PREMISES CLEAN.
    • Students must contribute to the high tone of the School by their manners & behaviour.
    • Any Damage caused to the school property must be appropriately compensated. The Principal has right to levy a fine/ penalty on the individual/group responsible for the damage.
    • Parents are expected not to plan any holidays during working days. Academic work suffered shall not be compensated at any cost.
    • Any pupil who is persistently insubordinate or is repeatedly or wilfully mischievous or is guilty of malpractice in connection with examination or has committed an act of serious indiscipline and / or misbehaviour or who, in the opinion, of the Head of the School, has an unwholesome influence on his fellow pupils, may be expelled permanently or removed from the school for a specified period by the Head of the School (Secondary School Code: Govt, of Maharashtra.)

    The attention of parents/guardians is drawn to the following extracts from the Regulations for the Indian School Certificate Examinations :

    Conditions of Entry

    Entry to the (Indian School Certificate Examination/Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination) in the case of eligible candidates who are being entered for the first time is restricted to candidates with a minimum of 75% attendance of the working days during each year of the two year course at school (s) affiliated to the Council and registered for the (Indian School Certificate Examination/Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination). The last date of computing attendance at schools is March 15 of the year of the examination.