The subjects offered at the Grade 10 (ICSE) examination
starting from Grade 9 are :

Group 1 (Compulsory)
Language (English 1)
Literature (English 2)
Second Language - Hindi
History Civics and Geography Paper 1 (History)
History Civics and Geography Paper 2 (Geography)
Group 2
Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
Group 3 (Any One)
Computer Application
Commercial Application
Art I and II
Physical Education
Home Science
  • SUPW
    • To provide meaningful and manual activities in core areas of learning. This enables exposure to the world of work and community service.
  • Art and Craft
    • Develops the aesthetic sense of students.
  • Multisport Activities
    • Students will get an experience of multiple sports.
    • Objective
      To give hands –on experience of different sports during formative years.
      To make an educated decision of the sports the child wants to specialize in secondary section.
  • Value Education
    • To foster respect for values in the family, school and in society at large.
  • Field trips
    • To provide first hand experience about places and areas as per students age and syllabus requirements.
  • Music
    • Both Indian and Western music develops appreciation for coordinated singing as well as individual talent development in playing a musical instrument.
  • Dance
    • Both Western, Indian and Fusion dance highlights rhythm, grace, expression and coordinated foot work, all of which expresses the joy and appreciation of our rich culture.
    • Western Dance

  • Educational tours
    • To develop historical and geographical knowledge through a visual experience, environmental awareness and a sense of responsibility.

  • Computer Aided Education
    • Making teaching learning innovative and in keeping with modern technology.