CEO's Message

All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth.
- Aristotle

Here, your child will realise his full potential and transform into a world citizen.

I welcome you to a rich and fulfilling experience with Thakur International School and invite you to become a part of its world-class programmes. Most of you already know the excellent reputation and high standards for which Thakur International School is known. Beyond that, Thakur International School provides a broad and balanced environment where your children can grow into successful, confident, and influential adults. Thakur International School is dedicated to helping all its students realize their true potential.

Students at Thakur International School don't only excel in academics, the school is committed to sustaining a balanced educational program that allows students to discover their talents and strengths, and enables them to grow as unique individuals. This balance also results in Thakur International School students achieving excellence in all areas be it the arts, academics, service, or leadership. This excellent culture is nurtured through an integrated club program under the guidance of professional teachers to explore music, leadership, service, athletics, philosophy, visual arts, and technology in ways that go far beyond normal classroom experience.

Thakur International School recognizes that success requires much more than just academic achievement and the development of skills. Thakur International School actively promotes character building, creativity, and responsible citizenship to set its students apart from the general lot for the entirety of their lives. Since its founding, the goal of Thakur International School has been to encourage its students to improve the world around them. We believe in each one of our students and that they will make a difference.

Thakur International School invites all budding talent to join its progressive community for the best time of their life.

Mr. Karan Singh